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AGEMA s.r.o.
Nám.Dr.A.Schweitzera 194
916 01 Stará Turá
Slovenská republika

Tel.: +421 32 776 4161
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E-mail: agema@agema.sk
Designed for use with moderate loads (maximum 900 kg), but under heavy-duty conditions (side impact and high speed). To increase the maximum load capacity and resistance to side impact, a forged fixing plate has been developed with integrated pin and the fork sides have been shaped by drawing; rotation is guaranteed by two axial bearings. Tha bracket can house wheels with strip width up to 60 mm. It is possible to combine total or directional braking systems and the foot-guard. It is provided with lubricator and is pin-locked to prevent loosening of the check nut. Finish: electrolytic galvanisation.

1) Plate: forged steel with integrated pin
2) Fork: drawn sides electrowelded to the flange
3) Swivel actions: two axial bearings
4) Lubricator
5) Nut anti-loosening system

Fitted to the following series: 62, 63-GH, 64, 68-P, 72-AL, 72-GH, 75
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