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Double-action brake that locks the wheel and the castor at the same time. Mounted on EE-MHD castors , combined with series 62, 63 with cast iron centre, 64, 68P and 72; mounted on EE-HD combined with series 63 with cast iron centre, 64, 68 and 72 with cast iron centre. The brake is efficient and easy to use: a simple top-to-bottom movement using the tip of the foot on two independent pedals is all that's needed to engage and release the lock quickly and smoothly. Locking force can be adjusted using an M8 socket screw. The brake for electrowelded castors is an adjustable brake, and consequently adjustment of the brake setting alters product braking efficiency. Before using the product, we suggest you check that the braking setting obtained by means of adjustment is suitable for specific operating requirements. The brake for electrowelded castors is a parking brake suitable for flat floor.
62, 63-GH, 64, 68, 68-P, 72-AL, 72-GH